Guess what came in the mail on Saturday?

…from blockbuster dot com.

Rick and I watched it last night after I got home from my trip to see my parents. Neither of us could sit still through the whole thing.  We both kept dancing.

Such good music! Such a good message!  I can’t wait to see the new one!

The entire movie evoked so many emotions.

Cringing at the christian pastor’s legalism… (is cringing an emotion?)

Toe tapping to the music…(is toe tapping an emotion?)

Nostalgia.  (now that is  feeling)

I want to say the story made me miss youth ministry, but to say I miss youth ministry might imply I want it back, or I want to do it again, and I don’t think I really do, so maybe it just brings back very fond and painful and joyous memories of working with teens, and seeing them in their innocence, and their not so innocence, and sometimes in their downright shame, and loving them just the same.

And the same with our own kids. I loved the teen years. It was hard and scary sometimes, and we felt completely out of control, but I can honestly say it was my favorite time.

I miss it.


One thought on “Ministry

  1. Living through your child’s teen years must be like childbirth…hurts like hell at the time but later you look back and don’t remember all the hurt! Either that or you are brain dead by then!

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