The Birds and The Bees

…Actually just bees.  Gotcha didn’t I?

I took took these last weekend at Mom and Dad’s while we were sitting in the courtyard chatting.

I like to think of it as therapy.

…you know, confront your fear?

because as Rick and the kids can attest,

I’m deathly afraid of bees…

…because once, when I was in high school I walked into a wasps nest

and was covered in bee stings.

But when Rick saw these pictures he told me these are just drones. They have no stingers.

I think I wasted my therapy session.


2 thoughts on “The Birds and The Bees

  1. Those aren’t honey bee drones. Honey bee drones get fed by their sisters in the hive, they don’t have to go to the bother of feeding from flowers. Also they have enormous beady eyes for spotting queens, and a chunky squarish-ended abdomen.

    I’m suspicious that these might not be bees at all! They don’t look very hairy – honey bees have a very hairy thorax once you get close up – and I’m wondering if they’re a type of bee imitating hoverfly. If you look like a bee, predators might think you have a sting and stay away, even if you don’t 🙂

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