You Learn Something New

Yesterday I posted pictures and wrote about my fear of bees. This morning I woke up to a comment to that post from a stranger living in England, Emily, who is a beekeeper, and guess what! Turns out these were not bees at all, but hoverflies. And they have no stinger, so, still no real therapy!

I googled hoverflies and found this: LINK with lots of information and photos that look suspiciously just like mine. Hmmmph.

I’ve thought and thought to try to come up with a moral to this story, but all I got was…

You learn something new every day, sometimes from a stranger on the other side of the world.


3 thoughts on “You Learn Something New

  1. I must thank you Linda for your post on bees yesterday because in mentioning it while out with friends tonight, I learned something new!! The guy is a beekeeper and he was giving me the scoop on drones — for the record, drones are males who only have two jobs eat and mate. But once the new baby queen bee has mated with numerous drones, they are no longer needed. As winter approaches, because they have no useful function, the workers drag the drones out of the hive and throw them out. The bees need the food in the hive to make it through the winter and they can’t afford to waste it on the drones. All news to me!!

  2. i just read dbdaze response about bee life and i think it sounds like alot of reality tv that’s on!! i think there’s a movie in there somewhere too!! xo

  3. Hope you didn’t mind me leaving a comment! I think it still counts as therapy as you didn’t know they weren’t bees at the time and you were still brave enough to get close to them. That’s courageous – I won’t go anywhere near spiders, which are my big fear!

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