Rick’s been telling me about this spot heading south of Sudden Valley where the sun comes up at just the right time between two hills across the lake. I haven’t had a chance to get there at sunrise until this morning. Rick woke me up at 6:30 for a little video taping project we had in mind (about BBQ and using our smoker, you’ll see it soon), and once the first step of the taping project was under way (the brisket was in the smoker), I was checking out the sky and remarked to Rick that it looked like it might be clear when the sun comes up. Without hesitation he said, “Let’s go!”

We got to the spot in plenty of time.

(zoomed in on the fog on the water)


Getting brighter


These really don’t do this morning’s sunrise justice.


But we were parked on a bridge above Lake Whatcom, not a soul in sight, and Rick turned up the radio and we waited for the sun. I danced around on the bridge while we waited, we talked a little, laughed, and when the sun finally poked its head up over the hill Rick Whooped it up and made me laugh.

Then we headed home for our second cup of coffee and bacon and eggs.

A great start to long fun day!!


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