The Best Medicine

I got home before Rick tonight. I was tired and grumpy. Really grumpy. I walked past the dishes and the laundry and went straight to the computer and started putting Rick’s video together.

By the time Rick got home, I’d pulled myself out of my grump. As he watched the (very rough) raw footage with me, I started chuckling. Then I was laughing. Then I was laughing so hard I couldn’t stop, and before we were finished tears of laughter were streaming down my cheeks.

The video is terrible. I mean, really terrible. But so funny. And not on purpose. I mean, like, not “so funny because it was a comedy”, more like “so funny because it’s totally a fumble and an embarrassment”!

I can’t wait to show you. Then you’ll laugh too and we’ll all feel much better.


3 thoughts on “The Best Medicine

  1. Hooray for humility and honesty and fun and laughter!! Yay . . . now you’ve got me dying to want to see this “horrible” “hilarious” movie!! What’s it for, anyway?

  2. It can’t be worse than the video Bruce took this weekend of our daughter, Mariah and our grandson, Austin during the take off of their first flight experience. Starts out with such excitement as they taxi down the runway, pick up speed and THEN …. we get a wonderful view of the pavement and what follows is a perfect view of Bruce’s feet as he walks along filming the “once in a lifetime” experience. LOL All I could ask myself is “Did he THINK he was filming it or did he just stop and forget to turn off the camera?” No matter…a terrible let down after setting me up with great anticipation (I had to remain at home to care for my mom) … and then just funny. Can’t wait to see yours!!

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