Ladies Night

…and I forgot my camera! It was such a fun night though, so here’s a few pics from my phone.

Carrie, the host and my Abbie (I love that my daughter likes to come to ladie’s nights with me!)

Side note: The menu was homemade pizza. I was starving. I made a conscious decision to have a couple small pieces; the first gluten in my system in 8 weeks. Bad idea. Not doing that again.

The oven quit working in the middle of preheating, so we fired up the BBQ and grilled one of the pizzas. We didn’t do it right, burned the bottom of it, but I could see that if you knew how to do it…YUM.

Someone brought this. It was delish. I wanted to remember the name of it. So good.

The view from the deck. So pretty. If I lived here I would never do anything but stare out at the bay.

Shawn and her daughter. Three of us had a daughter there last night, ages 12, 17, and 22.

I’m really sad I didn’t have my camera. Next time.

Next up: Tomorrow we start our second video, Pulled Pork!

Don’t miss it!


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