All In The Family

(There are photos further down of Josh’s injured fingers before and after. The before pics are pretty gnarly. You might not want to look. There’s lots of space between the pics of MY horrific injuries and his, so feel free to hit the back button before you get there)

Ahem…Begin blog post:

I must have felt left out.

You know. Negative attention is better than NO attention, right?

Rick had carpel tunnel surgery. He gets to wear a cool wrap on his wrist. Josh put his hand through a table saw. He had a REALLY cool wrap on HIS hand!

So, of course, I had to have a little attention myself. Nora’s Other Grandma and I were on a walk today, up on Seholme Hill, just arrived at the lookout tower, (mind you, this is on my lunch hour walk) and I tripped and fell and *thought* I broke my arm. It’s not broken. But it’s bruised and swollen. And it hurts.

Actually, now that I think about it, as I’m typing this, it doesn’t actually hurt.

At all.

And whatever I took for pain (ibuprofen), I took 7 hours ago, so it’s long gone out of my system….

Here are two phone pics of my injuries.  I know…so icky.  Actually, it really is worse than these phones pictures show.


But please, don’t send cards or flowers.
I’m fine.
Just fine.




I just wanted to get out of doing the dishes tonight.

But Rick’s cool wrap still trumps these injuries.

And dishes, I did.


I am now going to show you Josh’s injuries from getting caught in a table saw.

The first picture is pretty bloody.  Please feel free not to finish reading this post.  (JUST this once)

If you are still reading,

at least remember that I am his mother,

and if anyone should look away,

it should be me.

But I did look.


Not at the time of the injury, mind you.


But when he texted me these pictures last week.


That’s when I looked.


Ok, did I give you enough warning?


Here they are:






After the stitches:



And now.   Last Sunday night:


That wasn’t so bad, now was it?

I have to stop.  My wrist hurts.

And my hip.

And my other hip.

And my foot.  On the right side.

Oh, and maybe my head…..


3 thoughts on “All In The Family

  1. Owey owey owey. Your wrist did actually look pretty bad in that first picture, glad it is not broken. I hate how much longer it takes to heal as one ahem “ages”. When I fell and skinned a knee when I was a kid no problem. Now it takes forever for the bruises to go away. Josh’s fingers look great! modern medicine. woot!

  2. quit your blubbering. It is always about you. Hahahahaha So happy nothing was broken, so happy Josh has almost full range of motion. Typed one handed by rick atkins.

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