Pleasant Surprise

Last year when my computer had some issues, even though I had backed up my hard drive, I thought I’d lost several months worth of photos. including our pictures from Puerto Vallarta.

Yesterday I was organizing my external hard drive and found a file ‘2008’. I opened it and all my pictures from 2008 were there!

Our trip to Mexico was before I started learning to use photoshop for editing. So tonight I started going through my pictures, tweaked them a bit, brightened them, and started backing them up to flickr.

These were taken in the first year I was learning photography and though most of them are totally First Year Pictures, I’m so glad I still have them. It was a fun trip with dear friends, and looking back through them made me laugh! Plus, there are a few that I really love.

Like these butterflies:
This one lookes like it has a bee in it’s bonnet!

This one looks blurry, but it’s not. I took it between two red petals, and that ‘blur’ is the bokeh the petals created.

These are our friends K’Lynn and Dean.
My hat’s off to K’Lynn for being such a sport with that snake! Had it been me, I’m sure I would be dead. I would have freaked out so loudly that thing would have killed me.

I think it’s a little odd that while his bride is close to losing her life, Dean looks like he’s deciding between a chip or another bite of his taco here.

And I can’t even begin to guess what evil lies behind that look in his eyes!!

Seriously, K’Lynn! This is where I would have lost my life. You were a rock star!

I’m really glad I still have this. I can’t remember the name of that bug, but the locals tried to tell us it was extremely poisonous. Like deadly. Again…I could have died.

The four couples on our trip:
K’Lynn and Dean.

Rick and I

John and Melissa

Sue and Michael

It looks like there were an awful lot of margaritas on that trip.

But that’s only because there were an awful lot of margaritas on that trip.

And let this be a lesson:

Back up your hard drive.


3 thoughts on “Pleasant Surprise

  1. notice I did not mention the snake. I was trying to ignore it. But just scrolled up and there it was again. You need one of those PW things where you cover the snake with a cute butterfly. Or maybe a bunny and then those people that want to see the snake can click on the snake version 🙂

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