Another Pleasant Surprise

There are different levels of friendship.

There are people you meet that you stay on the surface with. I call them, ‘Hi, How are ya, fine’ people. Then there are those that you tread lightly around deeper, more vulnerable parts of your life, test the waters, see if you really want to swim with them…

…and then sometimes a person comes along that you connect with and can share with on a deep intimate level and know that they get it. She gets you, and you get her, and you have a new friendship,, but you get to fast forward through all the awkward Getting To Know You stages, and just be yourself…

…and it’s such a sweet surprise that you walk away wondering how you missed each other all this time.

And since I hate to write a post without a picture, here’ one from last January in honor of the snow we’re suppose to get this weekend.
…and hoping we don’t.


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