Five on Friday

1. Last week I said on facebook
“The Big C. Has anyone watched it? Got me thinking how I might change if I knew I was dying.”

I said this after watching the first two episodes. And really, it has made me think about how I sometimes hold back and don’t say what I really think or feel with some people. But I would like to clarify, now that we watched a few more episodes, that the whole keeping the truth from her husband and having the affair part of the story line killed it for me, and I won’t be finishing the series. Please don’t think I’m saying this out of piety or self-righteousness. If you know me well, you KNOW that’s not my angle. I think I got a good message out of the beginning that has made me really want to live more authentically, and…well, as if I knew I were dying. Which, in fact, aren’t we all?

2. It’s almost Thanksgiving. Last year we had it at Matt and Laura’s house, which means that this year it’s our turn. However, THIS girl (yes, you) who joined us last year for the first time…
…is due to have a baby any day now, so we didn’t want to commit to hosting this year. Thank you Matt and Laura for taking it on again! Everyone prefers Martha Stewart to Erma Bombeck anyway.

3. If you haven’t watched this yet, please do! I’ll be publishing the next episode tomorrow: Pork Ribs, and you do NOT want to miss it!

4. Speaking of BBQ/smoking videos, even though Thanksgiving is at Matt and Laura’s house this year Rick gets to smoke the turkey, and I think we should make it episode 3 of Big Stick BBQ’s How To series, so stay tuned for that next weekend. As a matter of fact, as I write this, Rick is watching youtube videos and reading blogs on how to smoke the perfect Thanksgiving Turkey. I have an intervention planned for the weekend after.

5. It’s Friday night, well after 5:00 quitting time, and I’m embracing my weekend!!! Happy Five on Friday People!


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