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This is my 800th post.  I thought it called for a little celebration.  So I called in a band.

Sorry, I’m such a dork.

Actually, I thought it should be significant, being a nice round even number and all, but I had no idea what to blog about for the milestone in my blog world. So, I did what many of us do when making big decisions, like where to eat dinner, or getting opinions on a certain movie or book…I turned to facebook.

I asked what I should write about for my 800th blog post, and this is what I got.


All great answers! Especially Kristy’s. She deserves to be written about, my best friend’s niece. I’ve spent a few Thanksgivings with her at K’Lynn’s house, and she WAS my first Words With Friends partner…

But then, it’s hard to dismiss God’s powerful work in my life. There is little cliche symbol that looks like this:

He > me

I’ve seen it scrawled on bathroom walls and in graffiti on the sides of rail cars, and though I’ve noticed it, never gave it much thought. Last year a friend of mine who claims no connection to Christianity or to God came to work one day having seen this little message somewhere and it totally blew her mind. She drew it out on a post-it note to show me and her eyes teared up. She said she couldn’t shake the message. So now when I see that little two word message I think of my friend and I marvel at the things God uses to nudge us and remind us that yes, He is indeed greater than us.

I am humbled, grateful, and daily I am amazed at His saving grace and His sustaining power. God is about relationship and for the past few years of my life, the learning theme for me seems to be Restoring Relationships. Broken relationships are rarely easy to restore, and frankly, left to myself, I wouldn’t take the risks. But I sense God’s direction and nudging toward a person I have hurt or been hurt by, take those first faltering steps to respond, and the mending of fences and building of bridges begins. It’s grueling, hard work.

I started this blog almost 6 years ago, December 3, 2005 for the main purpose of sharing with my parents the progress of building our house. I’d stumbled across a few blogspot blogs looking for knitting patterns, and I asked Caleb if he knew anything about blogging. Together we sat in the kitchen of the rental we were temporarily living in, and he set up my blog and created my first post for me. It was a test post and with a picture of Josh.

I then began documenting our house building starting with the house plans, the paint colors we’d chosen, even posted a video of the trees coming down the day we broke ground.




front with part of the driveway poured


There have been birthdays, funny stories, funny pictures, a few vulnerable posts in which I’ve bared my soul.

In between the mundane and trivial that I post are the big things:

The same summer we were building was the summer Caleb and Hannah got engaged and I began sharing the changes in our family.
Caleb and Hannah Engaged!!

The next year’s highlight was their wedding.

Of course I can’t leave out the Birth of Nora the little miss that has come into all our lives like a tornado and turned us upside down!

Another wedding this year,

and soon the birth of another baby.

There will be one more wedding someday and hopefully, more babies. There will deaths to grieve, holidays to celebrate, family dinners to laugh about. More birthdays, bragging rights to photos I love, and stories of children who say the funniest things.

I’ve been asked why on earth I blog, and really I don’t know. I just know it’s become a habit for me,
something I do to wind down at night,
and a way to mark the big things and the small…

…in this life of ours.


4 thoughts on “Milestone

  1. Linda thank you once again for sharing. And 800 blogs – that’s really worth celebrating and you have done so in style as always. When I am asked as you are, why I blog I can’t give any answer except it’s what I do. So keep on blogging and soon we will celebrate your 1,000th. 🙂

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