Pioneer Woman, Who?

Ree Drummond does not have the corner of the market of taking pictures of her baby on horseback.

Nosiree, bob.

See this?
That’s my baby on the day she was baptized. Isn’t she the cutest thing?

and this, when she was a wee babe.
baby abbie

with her cousins and their American Girl Dolls. (Can I please have this time back?)

well, move over Pioneer Woman, cuz there’s a new sheriff in town.
This is my baby next to a thousand pound beast

Say What? Does this halter make my butt look big?

It’s ok baby, Mama will save you!

I know, she’s terrified of that beast.

she bravely laughs to cover her fear.

sweetie, move back, he might bite.

so brave.

My baby’s on top of a thousand pound beast.

Come home now honey. I have your blankie here.

Ok, if you don’t follow Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, then you probably think I’ve lost my marbles.

And probably, you’re right anyway.


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