I make this recipe handed down from my Mom.

I mean litterally. I have the original recipe card given to her from Lucille Roper, the nice lady who lived across the street.
This recipe card has seen little two year old hands pretending to copy the words,
it’s been used for a grocery list, and it looks like someone jotted a phone number down at one time, and Rick and I were trying to figure out what the math in red was all about. Probably our Christmas budget one year…

It’s been spilled on, tattered, and crumpled.

Thank you Lucille. You started a very nice tradition.

My mom used to grind the berries with a meat grinder, and she used canned grapes and cool whip.

I use my Cuisinart food processor to grind the berries, and I use fresh grapes and I whip the cream with a little sugar and vanilla.

Mom always tripled the recipe. So I always did too. But Josh and I are the only ones who love it, so there’s always tons left over.

I love the turkey and yams, the pumpkin pies and the relish trays, but it doesn’t really feel like Thanksgiving to me without this dish!


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