Thanksgiving Part 2

I’d planned to put photos of yesterday’s Thanksgiving dinner up for today’s blogpost.

I was going to do it after our movie/dinner date with Matt and Laura.

They were halfway to our house when I got a text message and a photo from Abbie’s phone, the message said “I was thrown and trampled, I”ll call in a bit” And the photo was hideous. And then I couldn’t reach Abbie or Joey who had been out on a trail ride together before their thanksgiving dinner with Joey’s Mom.

Almost 6 hours later we were in a Mexican restaurant with Matt and Laura having nachos and margaritas.

In the meantime we were a few hours at the ER, A CT scan, stitches in one eyelid, a broken nose, bruises from her hip to her calf…

and now everyone’s ready for a long winter’s nap.

When I think what COULD have happened…

I shudder,

my knees go week,

and I breathe a prayer of thanksgiving.

Addendum: On our way to the hospital I posted on facebook asking for prayer for Abbie. It was before I’d even laid eyes on her. If you are a parent, you know. Your mind goes to the worst case scenario, you feel sick, weak, and helpless, and all you can think is “I need people to pray”. Back in the day we might call a “prayer chain”, or just put the word out through family and friends. Today we have facebook, and at the risk of coming across melodramatic, I knew I need people to pray. I pictured a horses hoof to the spleen, or a skull landing on a sharp rock…you know, not being melodramatic and all…

…my point: No matter the vehicle, modem, or conduit, when in need we can reach out and ask for support, for prayer, for people to interceded on our behalf. So, thank you to our friends and family, whether on facebook or by phone, who prayed for Abbie today.


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Part 2

  1. Oh Linda I am so sorry to hear about Abbie. was not on facebook yesterday. You can be assured that I will pray for a complete healing and give thanks that God is bringing Abbie through this. Yikes when I think of what COULD of happened, our God is good. Please give her a gentle hug from me

  2. I wish our minds didn’t automatically go to the worst scenario of what could have happened. But it does make me extra thankful.

    Paula, I’ll be getting Abbie in to see your husband this week. Thank goodness for Dr. Keeler!


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