That’s Gonna Leave A Mark

Today is day three and Abbie is hurtin’ for certain.

This is the picture she sent me with the message “horse took off and I fell off…not good. call in a bit” I knew she had to have a certain amount of her wits about her since she had Joey take a picture and then texted me, but I also know that some injuries could be masked in the beginning stages.

I think Abbie might have been in a little bit of shock while we were with her at the hospital. She was very matter of fact, not weepy, or whiney, and almost cavalier about her injuries. She was light-hearted and comical and bantered with the nurse and doctor.

These are from yesterday, and though she was stiff and sore, she seemed pretty much herself.


Today is another story. Her whole body hurts, she can’t get comfortable and feels, well, she feels like she got run over by a horse.

When it’s all said and done, she’ll have a couple scars and a good story to tell.

And a long time to tell it.


2 thoughts on “That’s Gonna Leave A Mark

  1. Oh Linda I am so sorry this happened to Abbie. Praying for her speedy recovery, and giving thanks that she is alive and mobile to tell the story. Still it must pain you to see your girl tangle with a horse. Hope your feeling better soon Abbie.

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