A (short) List

A List:
1. I have no new pictures of Evie or of Nora.

2. We ran into Hannah and Nora and Cindy (the other Grandma) Sunday morning and I wished I’d had my camera, they all looked so beautiful. Nora was a little confused to see Papa Wick and I in front of them at the checkout at Haggen, but quickly recovered enough to play a game of chase with Papa before we said goodbye.

3. Josh told me on facebook tonight:
“guess who had their first bath tonight? and who did so good through the whole thing?”
(in your head, use a sing-songy sappy-in-love voice…that’s it…that’s how it sounds)

4. I want to write about Christmas, about parties and family gatherings coming up, about the weather and how for the first time in years I wish it would snow, but I totally have baby brain. All I really want to think about, do, write about, photograph…is my kids…and their kids.

5. As big and grown up as Evie makes Nora look, watching Hannah hold and handle Evie…she has suddenly become one of the Moms with Experience Club. (there’s really no club, I just made that up) Suddenly, the First Time Mom has become ‘the older woman’ of the scriptures. The one who should come alongside the younger, and teach and encourage…and she has. And it blesses me, blesses my heart that she has taken time to encourage and help the newer mom.

6. And because I can’t stand a blog post without a picture…

Nora about a day old:

Evie about a day old:

…and yes. You have to suffer through this EVERY time there’s a new grandbaby.

Cuz it’s MY blog and I said so.


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