All Dried Up and Other Thoughts

Yesterday at Josh and Abby’s I noticed this big fat lady bug on my arm and took a close up picture of it. What on earth? No, not that there’s a lady bug in their house in the dead of winter, but What is that scaliness on my SKIN???

Not to mention those strange marks on my cheek in this picture (which I almost deleted out of vanity, but that baby…and that mouth…I just couldn’t)
So, is this it? Is that all there is? Is there hope for my skin? I’m not even 50 yet! And I plan to live to be 100! Accepting any and all suggestions.

I just realized I might regret my last sentence.

In other news:

My year of posting a day through 2011 is almost over. I have to say, it’s a relief. The Pressure. THE PRESSURE! No wonder I don’t sleep well!!

Abbie is having surgery on Tuesday to fix her nose. It’s both a septo and a rhinoplasty. She is coming to stay with us to recuperate the first few days. I’m stoked to have her stay with us and dreading the recuperating part. If you’ve broken your nose and had it fixed and it was a horrific experience, please, for the sake of this Mama Heart, PLEASE don’t leave your comments here about your experience. If, however, you have gone through it, and it wasn’t horrific, feel free to encourage us.

We are having a dinner party here this evening with three couples we don’t know.
Brave, huh?
Well, actually, I know one of the women really well, and two of the women are newer friends who I’m happily getting to know, and Rick and I have met one of the men.
This could go either way, but I’m planning on it being wildly successful and if I’m wrong,
we’ll just turn up the music and have a billiards tournement.

I have not bought one Christmas present. Not one.

I don’t feel the least bit stressed about it.

Not feeling stressed about not having a single gift bought makes me feel a little stressed.

Stressing at Christmas is what I do best. And I think I’ve lost my Mojo.

But I have a dinner party to get ready for.

I should probably dust and sweep.

4 thoughts on “All Dried Up and Other Thoughts

  1. Most moisturizers don’t work for me I’ve found, and I have really sensitive skin. HOWEVER Costco has a few brands that work wonders. My whole hand will be cracked and scaly and hurting, and I just put some on over night, and in the morning they’re almost back to normal! Even my husband has recently started using it 😛 One brand is “Tree Hut” which works well, but they also have out in the front area a pack of 4 moisturizers and two lip-balms for $12.99!! And they work fabulously! Three of the smells (Coconut, Vanilla, and Mango) are a little fruity and not my favorite, but the fourth one is “Olive”. It sounds weird but it has a wonderfully creamy texture and a nice subtle smell. Anyway, they’re amazing, and at $12.99 I think definitely worth a try! (Scents you don’t like can always be a stocking stuffer 😉 )

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