Post Op

Abbie got her cast off her nose and the stints pulled out today. I was picturing little tiny straws, like big around as little coffee stirers, you know? The things the doc pulled out of her nostrils were HUGE!! They were banana shaped, about three inches long and about an inch wide at the top of the curve! We all cracked up, in fact Abbie kept laughing while he tried to get the second one out. So hilarious. And yes, I did think to take a picture of them, but held back. Sorry. Maybe google it if you need to.

Wait. That’s a good idea. Hold on.

Well, there you go! That was easy! This is what they it looked like! (You home schoolers out there can use this for a science lesson.)

So Abbie felt immediately better with all that stuff off and out of her nose! She is going back to work on Thursday, and as glad as she is to be back among the living, I miss having her here.

I took these almost 2 years ago:


I took this today after her post-op appointment:

I was kind of afraid her nose would be as drastically different as Meg Ryan’s or Michael Jackson’s. And it’s still really swollen, so we can’t see what it’s really going to look like yet, but I’m glad to see she’ll still look like my sweet beautiful Abbie.


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