Last night I was editing my Christmas weekend pictures and noticed something funny in this one:
Do you see it? Look close. Really close. It’s not that I apparently woke up Joey and Abbie, or that it looks like Joey kicked off his pink sneakers, or that the reflection of the tree lights shines in the window. No, it’s much weirder than any of that.

Look at the laptop screen.

Here’s a close up:
I think that must be a reflection of my camera’s shutter! It’s the only thing that makes sense, other than an extraterrestrial being trying to communicate with me! Maybe this is normal and happens to photographers all the time, I don’t know. I’ve sure never seen it though!


One thought on “Phenomenon

  1. I love the idea of an extra terrestrial coming into your living room at Christmas. Give him/her a hug and a large slice of Christmas cake. Bet they don’t get that where they live.

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