Postaday2011 Project Report

Last year around this time I joined the WordPress Postaday 2011 project. I missed 41 days, but made up most of those posts the next day or the next weekend. Today, with 5 days left in the year I have posted 355 blog posts for the year. This is my 356th.

So, to finish out the year and achieve my goal I need to write/post 10 more blog posts in the next 5 days. I know you could have figured that out, but I just needed to verbalize the math for myself.

It’s been quite a year, here at our house, in our family, and it’s been fun and scary and therapeutic to share it here on my blog with you. I have appreciated your comments and emails, even your late night text messages saying you can’t go to sleep until I publish my post for the day. (I’m not making that up, two of you know who you are).

I have a couple favorite posts, and a couple favorite pictures. I have a few favorite comments that have been left as well. So, Please bear with me as I take the next few days and take a look back at our year as a family.

2 thoughts on “Postaday2011 Project Report

  1. Oh, T. That was one of my favorite evenings! Lumping me in with Pioneer Woman, you made my day, my week! I’ll still blog plenty, I promise! I just won’t go looking for something to say if I don’t already have something.

    Love you!
    p.s. I saw you girl last night. She’s all grown up and blooming just right!

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