In Review

I had this idea to do this week, and then wouldn’t you know? My good friend Miz Booshay already did it! So now it will look like I’m copying her.

But…truth be told, we are not actually friends, she doesn’t even know who I am, I just stalk her blog.
My point…though it appears I am copying her, I am not. I had the idea all in my own head. I made it up myself! (name that movie).

So, Starting in January, my favorites from 2011:

It snowed:

This sweet thang:

In February:
I left early one day and stopped along the lake to snap the sunrise:

(Sadly, I took very few new pictures in February)

In March:
Josh and Abby asked me to take their engagement pictures.
It was fun.

Nora and Maggie bonded

and Nora discovered what you have to put up with if you love your dog.

Crocus Happens

In April:

The sun came out!

and flowers started blooming!

I went to the zoo. Alone.
And fell in love with flamingos.

And that was the day
my Grandma died.

And the next week at her funeral I met this little man
my nephew, Oliver and I fell in love again.

It was my first photo with my new camera.

…to be continued.


One thought on “In Review

  1. Hi Linda, I was in Florida for Thanksgiving when you posted your Grandmothers “Cranberry Salad”. I made a note to myself to make it for Christmas. It was such a “HIT”. It will now be a tradition in our family. Thank You.

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