It’s a Small World Afterall

So, a funny story.

A couple months ago Abbie ran a card for a customer at the coffee stand and noticed his last name is the same as ours. She commented that she’d never met an Atkins she wasn’t related to. He responded that he’d never met an Atkins that he WAS related to. They small talked and she found out he’s from Eastern Washington.

Last night Abbie was relaying this story to Rick and I. Rick asked Abbie if she realized her Grandpa is from Goldendale, which though technically is South-Central, people like us, on the coast, consider it Eastern…She immediately sent Michael Atkins a facebook message asking where he is from. You know where this is going, right?

Turns out Rick’s Dad’s cousin Terrance who has a winery in Goldendale is Michael’s Dad’s Uncle.

What a small world.

Welcome to the family Michael! We’ll have you over to dinner real soon.


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