So this is it. My last post on my family blog for 2011. My goal was to post every day this year, and though I missed a few days (41 to be exact), this is my 365th post since January 1, 2011.

I’ve learned a few things along the way.

1. Some days you are just too busy living or too tired from living to make a blog post. It’s ok. Especially if you have company. And we have a lot of company. It’s also ok if you have a wedding. Or a baby.

2. Going back through my year of blogs this week was eye-opening. It was clear to me that I was either getting bored with my camera or just frustrated with it. My photography picked up in quantity and quality after May 1st when I got my new camera. I never want to stop taking pictures again, even if I outgrow my camera. I think I missed a lot and I’m kinda mad at myself for that.

3. I’ve thought a few times in the last month that I’m tired of blogging and I feel like quitting. But the truth is it’s become a habit, something I look forward to…most of the time. I’ve decided that it’s not blogging that I’m weary of, but maybe just the way I blog…

4. …there is a tension in blogging between telling the truth and telling the WHOLE truth; telling too little, telling too much, and telling just the right amount of information about your life. At least for me. I want to be authentic and paint a true picture. But I don’t really want you to know if I’m mad at my husband or feeling completely insecure; I don’t really need you to see me without my makeup, or see the laundry piling up on the sofa waiting to be folded or that I have dust bunnies in the corners of my bedroom. At the same time, I don’t want you to think that our lives are all roses and wine and music and hearts and sunshine. The great thing about having my own blog is I get to show you what I want you to see. I get to publish pictures of my kids and grandkids that make us look like the Waltons (my kids don’t even know who that is), but I won’t tell you if an evening ended in an argument or I said the stupidest thing that hurt one of my kids. I get to write about Rick and my date nights and excursions but leave out the long days of uncertainty and the struggle we have with faith and church. We can put together videos of Rick’s cooking but I get to cut the parts that we snapped at each other…

5. …and that’s not a bad thing, the leaving out the dirty laundry and posting the best photos, but I think I’d like to be more authentic here on this little piece of space on the internet that I call mine. Rick and I have weathered a few storms and we’ve both grayed nicely from them. I think we have some wisdom to offer from our lives together and maybe it’s time we start sharing some of what we’ve learned, and what we are learning along the way. I think I want to be more intentional about what goes here. It might mean I will blog less often, but hopefully it will evolve into something more meaningful, more sincere, more authentic.

Thanks for following along on this little journey and for being interested

…in this life of ours.


3 thoughts on “365

  1. Linda, you were the first adult person I met who could listen non-judgementally, give new insight into difficult situations and talk honestly and openly about REAL subjects. I learned more from you than you will EVER know. As a society we try to “paint a pretty picture” — portray ourselves and our families in the perfect light. I’ve learned that being “real” and “honest” touches people who are struggling and hurting — and in doing so, it gives me the courage to continue. It’s a risk I finally am willing to take (but I must say, I almost always find my finger hovering over the “post” button wondering if my openness will offend anyone).

    My favorite post of yours this past year is the one where you threw off your inhabitions (along with your clothes) and enjoyed skinny dipping after a religious ceremony! You couldn’t hear me, but I was cheering! I hope you continue to step out a little more in 2012.

    May 2012 bless you with good health, an abundance of new family memories, loving friends and just enough challenges to keep you alert and mentally sharp. Look forward to your next year of blogging!

  2. Thank you, Linda, for sharing yourself and your family with us. I have enjoyed it. And, yes, you do remind me of the Walton’s. I have found myself envious at times (bad, I know) as I trudge along, stuggling with marriage, kids, self, etc. I love your writing style and hope to see occasional posts from you in 2012! Congratulations on finishing what you started…must have been hard at times. Happy New Year!

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