I almost called this post ‘Accountability’. Because that’s really what you invite into your life when you publicly declare your New Year’s Resolutions, which I almost NEVER do. But I decided, after yesterday’s post, maybe it is appropriate for once.


Don’t get your hopes all up that I’ll do this every year. (Cuz I know your hopes are all hanging on what I do next year at this time)

After putting away Christmas this afternoon…




…I wrote out my New Year’s Resolutions and posted them on the fridge. Let me just say I don’t normally even write them. In fact I don’t normally make resolutions. Don’t ask me why I’ve even been thinking about it this year. I have no idea. But I have. And I did. And here they are:

As for number 4? The ornaments from the tree piled on the couch will have to do. I have some pictures of Nora from this morning when Rick and I went to Caleb and Hannah’s for breakfast, but she was comfortably just in her big girl pants all morning so the pictures of her jumping on the sofa are just for us.

Yesterday’s photo is from my phone
(which totally counts cuz it’s my blog and I’m making the rules) and posted to ‘Go Photo’ (which if you are a droid user and feel jipped that we can’t use ‘instagram’ you should check it out in the market, and then find me and add me as a contact) and is exactly what I spent my day doing. (except the wine, which I didn’t pour until late afternoon. Seriously.)

Oh, and #5? Maybe that should have said something more along the lines of ‘figure out what’s wrong with me and deal with the God thing and find a church’.

Just keeping it real.


5 thoughts on “Resolution

    1. We’ll see about the stair goal, Bliss. I’m determined, but stairs are hard, an any little injury could take it away. But I’m going for it.

  1. Linda, those ornament photos are all about BEAUTY . . . Wow . . . how could you put them away ?. . . well, not w/o phtographing them, right!

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