Tastes More Like Fresh Peanuts

I love peanut butter. It’s my favorite food. The night before last I ate peanut butter for dinner. I don’t mean a sandwich or even apples or banana dipped in peanut butter, I meant I ate peanut butter with a spoon at dinner time and ruined my appetite so didn’t have anything else. I ate peanut butter for dinner.

I’m also a peanut butter snob, like I’m a coffee snob and a wine snob. I only buy Adams. Creamy or crunchy, doesn’t matter, just has to be Adams. Or I’ll fresh grind it myself, but none of this Skippy or Jiff or store brand of either of those with their hydrogenated vegetable oils and high fructose corn syrup. Just peanuts and salt.

But at Costco tonight we saw this and after reading the ingredients decided to try it:

dry roasted valencia peanuts and sea salt.

Good thing I’d already had dinner when Rick opened it. It’s SO good I could eat it by the spoonfuls! But I’m full. Goodbye Adams Peanut Butter.

Until I can’t get Costco’s brand anymore, which will probably be like next month.


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