I Can Explain Everything

1. I play Words With Friends on my phone. It’s not connected to my facebook account, because in October when I had to replace my phone and I tried to put Words With Friends back on my phone, I couldn’t remember my username and password. So I made up a new one and linked it to my photography email. So, when I looked at Words with Friends on facebook I saw that tons of people have tried to start games with me…and I’ve left you hanging. I apologize, but I won’t play words with friends on facebook. I don’t spend much time on facebook (at a computer), so I only play it on my phone. (Execpt a couple weeks ago when my niece was flying to Switzerland and had a long layover and needed company, THEN I tried playing Words with Friends on facebook. So, no hurt feelings?

2. Pinterest. I figured it out. I get it. I see why people get addicted to it. And I apologize for all my facebook updates every time I pinned something today. I won’t do that again. At least not EVERY time I pin something. It really is a cool thing. Now that I get how to use it. The good thing is I’ll only have time for it on weekends. And Holidays. So please don’t unfriend me for overusing pinterest today. I can quit anytime.

3. You might see me posting some old photos on facebook in the next few weeks. I found a folder on my external hard drive where I’d put a bunch of scanned photos and then forgot them. And now I am touching them up in photoshop and saving them. Some of them really belong on facebook. So, don’t mind me. Just carry on…

You’ve probably already seen these:
Sheila and Abbie…Sheila’s getting married this year. We are all super excited. She’s been a part of our family for a long time!

From youth ministry days…no explanation needed.

Abbie with 2 of K’Lynn’s girls. We’ll all be in Vegas in 11 days for Jeneen’s wedding.

Abbie and I will be able to explain everything that weekend too.


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