A (Very) Short List

1. There are rumors of snow on it’s way. I am secretly hoping for a blizzard. Just a little blizzard, enough to have to stay home a couple days and snuggle in by the fire.

2. I miss blogging. I know my commitment is over, and I don’t have to blog every night, and truly, the new year couldn’t have come at a better time (January, really is a good time for a new year), my stress level at work has skyrocketed (no worries, it’s temporary, just a couple projects to get through)…The problem is, I’ve noticed that I don’t unwind in the evenings as well as I used to. I try to contribute to cleaning and food and laundry, but mostly I just wander around and look for something to do, and tonight, after leaving work–on not the best note–I decided to catch up on my google reader to unwind. I read through a few of my favorites and then the next up was a new one I added recently written by
a friend of mine.

Without giving away too much, my friend had a heart attack last Friday morning. This is a woman I see almost every day. She is full of life and crazy love, and has worked so hard over the last two or three years to change her life and live in health and wellness. She will continue that mission from now forward, but with a twist. I think she might not let others get away with settling for the lifestyles they lead, if their lifestyles are leading to disease and death. Each time I talk to her she is very clear that this experience will have a purpose in her life…and in others’ lives. She is a wonderful writer and has been writing her experience in a painfully honest fashion, right from her hospital bed. I am so proud of her and her daughter who’s 911 call literally saved her life.

I have a feeling any slouching in my health regime will not go unscrutinized from here on out. And that’s just fine with me! Accountability is a good thing.

Bring it!


One thought on “A (Very) Short List

  1. I am going to believe you with much hopefulness on the snow.. because I have been checking like crazy and the only thing I can find is that the Farmer’s Almanac says *maybe* snow in early February. That is not good enough for me. Amen to the blizzard. Now.

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