So…Remember this Post?

And this part in particular:
5. …and that’s not a bad thing, the leaving out the dirty laundry and posting the best photos, but I think I’d like to be more authentic here on this little piece of space on the internet that I call mine. Rick and I have weathered a few storms and we’ve both grayed nicely from them. I think we have some wisdom to offer from our lives together and maybe it’s time we start sharing some of what we’ve learned, and what we are learning along the way. I think I want to be more intentional about what goes here. It might mean I will blog less often, but hopefully it will evolve into something more meaningful, more sincere, more authentic.

So, this is one of THOSE posts. And if you prefer the cute, humorous, the artistic, or the traumatic, or the photos, feel free to skip this one. (I am including a couple of cameraphone pics, though, so you might not want to miss those!)

I’ve mentioned in passing that I’m in the middle of a couple projects at work. They are stressful to say the least. I have a work computer at home at the time because I think I’ll sleep better if I can check on the progress of the upgrades and conversions in real time.

The funny thing is, I’ve noticed I’m not sleeping very well at night. I feel so tired, but when the lights go out and I’m laying awake I think about the little details that ‘could work’ and I find myself fighting the temptation to go log on to the work computer, try a tweak here or there, see if that’s the key…

This morning I got up at 5:18 to do my workout, but just wanted to check what was happening at work, and there I was, sucked in, worked until 7:00 when I forced myself into the shower and to the office, no Tony Horton yelling at me to BRING IT…

Once at the office, people were coming at me, emails coming at me, phone ringing off the hook…

…still regretting the parting words with Rick yesterday morning…trouble shoot, fix this, listen to that…

At 1:30 today I decided it was enough. I had an idea for a creative photo project and wanted to take a walk. And this caught my eye:
(Did you know there were little bumps on stop signs? I didn’t)

I cursed under my breath wished I’d had my camera, but settled for the camera on my phone.

Photo project taking shape, getting inspired, I took several more. I uploaded a couple to GOPHOTO and to facebook.
I walked slower back to the office. Took a few more pictures with my phone, enjoyed the sun and semi-warmth. Enjoyed playing with composition and made mental notes to come back tomorrow with my real camera.

I got back to the office and the problems didn’t go away, the people were still coming at me, my phone rang again, but…

my head was a little less cluttered,
and I could breath again,
and I realized that
tomorrow I will walk
and take my camera
and unwind
and for 30 minutes will remember
that there is life out there
and I work
to support


Not the other way around.


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