This is the edited image Josh took last night.

I feel a little like the young mom I once was; hanging my kids’ artwork on the fridge, on the wall up the staircase, in the family room. I’m trying to be objective and decide if it’s a great photo or not, but I find that I am completely biased and helpless to look at it without gushing. Like with both my sons’ daughters, I’m completely and shamelessly biased. Like with them, (the cutest baby, the cutest two year old, the SMARTEST two year old, the most advanced newborn…etc, etc, etc…), this is the best photo of the moon I’ve ever seen.

And I’m sure it has nothingwhatsoevertodo with the fact that Josh took it.

…established forever like the moon, the faithful witness in the sky.
Psalm 89:37


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