Glitz and Glamor

If you were going to a totally glitzy city, a place you’ve never been,

and you are practically from PoDunkVille and are more at home in berks than pumps, fleese than, um, well…

my point exactly, I don’t know what comes after fleece…

you haven’t bought a thread of new clothing in 2 years…feel completely out of your element and know you will stick out like a sore thumb…

What do you do?

I don’t know about you, but I call the girl who knows me best. You might think my sister, and you’d be close. You might think my BF, and yes, she would def come in handy…

…but my daughter knows exactly what’s in my closet.

“bring your jeggins and your new black boots, your black cami and those two flouncy tops, the black and white and the magenta and black; um…the short white and black checked skirt, black tights, your long black skirt, a black tee, and don’t forget your danskins. Oh, and I have a pair of VS sweat pants that are too big, I’ll bring them for you. Don’t worry, Mom, we’re gonna have a blast!”

Thanks Abbie. I’m looking forward to 4 days away with my style guru and glam queen! Oh, and my BF will be there too. I think I can get excited now!


2 thoughts on “Glitz and Glamor

  1. Have fun! . . . Black, tight, and flouncy will do it! (lol) .

    P.S. I always have to ask my girls for what to buy and wear, too . . . somehow they just seem to KNOW!

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