One Thing Leads To Another

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since Monday. I haven’t missed 2 days in a row in over a year.  (I don’t think I have)

Regardless, I’m not going back through the last year to see if I’m right or not, let’s just go with it.

Last night Hannah and the Abigails (Abbie and Abby) and I had a girl’s night. We went to Temple Bar. It was my second time there. The first time I went was with Hannah and the Abigails right after Abby and Josh were engaged. This time we went for a similar reason.

Can you guess?

NOOOOO!!!! Not that! Sheesh…

We went out because it’s been too long since we had a girl’s night with no men, no children, and just us, and Hannah texted me last week and said it was time for a girl’s night.

I’m rambling. My point: Because Caleb was working last night and we were having Girl’s Night, someone needed to watch Nora. And that someone was Tanya and Garret, friends of Caleb and Hannah, (and indirectly friends of all of us), and last night Tanya posted this picture of Nora on facebook.

Are you sitting down?

Cuz you should.

Cuz it’s the picture that I looked at about 56.5 times today, and the .5 was cuz someone walked into my office and interrupted me and I had to let that someone look at the picture, so I got jipped out of half a look, and every time I looked at it, I grinned, and then laughed, and that was a very good thing cuz my didn’t start out so great…

Cuz on our way to work, Rick driving me in to town, cuz he was going over to Josh and Abby’s to babysit Baby Evie, which totally makes me love him even more today than I did yesterday, we were rearended by a pickup and I was immediately totally ticked off cuz I worked in chiropractic for 8 years and I know the drill, and I’m turning 50 next month and am in a workout groove to get my 40 year old body back by my 50th birthday, and I refuse to let a little whiplash interfere with my plan…

Cuz my plan is to live to be 100 and next month marks the second half of my goal, and I do not plan to be 100 and sick. I want to be fit, younger than my age, healthy, and energetic, and I do not have time for an injury just because some moronic Yayhoo saw the light turn green and gunned the gas pedal and rammed our car. It could have been worse though…

Cuz we were driving the Durango cuz the Jetta has something wrong with it; it won’t defrost and you can smell coolant while driving and we decided we don’t want to be mopping the windshield while driving and breathing coolant fumes which will probably turn out to be carcinogenics (duh), forcing us to drive the Durango and had we been in the Jetta, the trunk would have been in the back seat and my sore neck tonight would be 100 times worse than it is now, and I wouldn’t be nearly as thankful and cheered by this:

I know, right? The best picture you’ve seen in a long time? I know.

Thank you Tanya Lamp for posting it.

Rock On!


3 thoughts on “One Thing Leads To Another

  1. Cute pic! Linda, I get it. One thing leads to another, and that is just the way you wrote tonight. It reminded of the Apostle Paul and the way he ran his sentences on and on and on…….

    Uncle Jack

  2. I am liking this post because that is just about the best picture I have seen in a long time and it makes me smile. I do not like that you got smunched. So thankful you were in the durango. Hope you and Rick heal quickly.

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