Five On Friday

My 5 favorite things this week:

1. The picture I posted yesterday of Nora with Garret Lamp. It’s my background on my phone and I sometimes check my phone just so I can look at it. I’m resisting the urge to look at it right now. Plus I’m resisting the urge to post it here again. We’ll see if I can resist to the bitter end.

2. Dr. Keeler. Getting adjusted by Dr. Keeler this morning will go a long way toward helping me resist whining about our little car accident yesterday. His office is like going home. Of course, I did work for him for 4 years and one of my best friends still works there, so of course, it feels like home to me, but if you go see him, I’ll bet you feel like you’re at home too. In fact, I remember once a new patient walked in and looked around and said, “I think this is the house my grandparents lived in when I was little!” See? Everyone just feels at home there.

3. Baby Evie came and saw me at work today. I got to walk around with her and show her off. Women at work are so funny when you walk in their offices with a little baby. Gasps, Ooohs, Aaahs, and other exclamations abound! She is so alert and tries so hard to see everything and communicate back…she is totally amazing to me! And I adore watching her Mommy and Daddy with her. They are adorable parents!
I stole these from her Mom’s facebook page from 2 days ago on her 2 month birthday:

4. Friday. Today. It’s been such a week at work. In a way that is spilling over to my off work life. I’ve always prided myself on leaving work at work, but right now, in this period of time, which could last a couple more months, I’ve lost that ability. Evenings and weekends are often about work right now (it’s temporary, I promise, honey), but THIS weekend, our system upgrade is happening and no one can work from home, or at the office, so I get a free pass. Free passes are ALWAYS a good thing!

5. This weekend. Tomorrow is date night with Caleb and Hannah; Sunday Abbie and I are going to a super fun baby shower for identical twin girls where I get to shoot my heart out (photographically speaking), and Sunday night I get more of Baby Evie!

It’s well past 5:00 on Friday, the weather couldn’t be better for a winter weekend, and it’s time to relax and veg out with Mr. Atkins!


Nope. I couldn’t resist.

But you knew that was coming.

I’m totally predictable.


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