I Told You So

You might remember in July I got new glasses and chose these:

These are progressive lenses, which I’ve worn for years, in fact the whole bifocal/trifocal thing has no age stigma to me because I started out in bifocals when I was 7. It’s never been a sign of old age in my mind.

I like them. I do. But the last couple months I’ve been struggling to see. The part at the bottom that I should be able to read out of seem too strong and I’m always catching myself peeking out from under them to read, and the middle part which should be perfect for work at the computer are also no longer working and I more often than not rip them off my face and move up closer to my monitor to see it clearly. I finally made an appointment to have my eyes checked again, a mere 7 months since my last exam, and my eyes are “markedly less near sighted”. What?

So, the eye doc tells me that it’s natural and normal for nearsightedness to decrease with age, and most people have a very long slow gradual progression, but SOME people, and apparently, I am ‘some’ people, have a sudden decrease in nearsightedness, it happens very quickly over a few months to a couple years.

Since I need new glasses again anyway, I decided to go with a different look. I’m tired of the dark rims on my face. I want to lighted and uplift my look. With my graying hair, this is difficult.

I tried on wire rims, copper, red, blue, green, purple…

I know that clunkier tortoise shell is still the rage, and being the geeky 4 eyed kid in school, always at least a couple years behind the fashions, as tempted as I was by the wire rims, I’m kinda paranoid about my eyewear.

I picked out 7 or 8 pairs to try on for Rick. He nixed all the wire rims. He liked a couple of the plastic frames, and I saved my favorite for last, and still he wasn’t sure. He likes the shape but thought the color is too light. I sent the picture below to Abbie for her opinion, she usually picks out my frames for me, and since she wasn’t receiving the text I uploaded it to facebook for her to see.

Although the picture was meant for Abbie, I got lots of help from my facebook friends and I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of them sooner! I will say that it was a mixed review. I had a couple people say no way. Too wide, or too light. But others liked the shape and hoped they were red. They are not. Think of those little cubed caramels we unwrap and melt down for carameled apples; that is the color.

After considering everyone’s responses, the pros and cons on facebook, Rick undecided, the guy at Costco thinking they are too light for me, and Abbie also thinking they were too light, (“but not hideous”) I made my decision and ordered them.

I might regret it. A couple months from now I might be whining on here about hating my glasses. And if I do, I give you all permission to say,

“I told you so.”


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