Lucky Girl

I have to brag.

Last weekend Rick waited on Mom with patience and kindness, jumped at every request, helped Dad with delicate matters, and later told Dad that if he hadn’t started to improve he was going to send me home and stay on to help until Cher and I come back on the 15th.

And today Rick filled in to care for Evie while Josh was at work and Abby was at school. He posted this picture on facebook:

which made me jealous (that I was at work and not with Evelyn) and made me love him even more than I already did. When I called him to see how it was going, he answered in a whisper, “sssshhhhh, she’s sleeping,” and then told me about how much she gurgled and cooed at him and talked and talked and talked.

I hung the phone up with a smile on my face and I reminded myself how lucky I am to be married to someone willing to serve my Mom, my son and daughter in law, and my granddaughter, all within 24 hours.


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