I have a friend named Karen. She and I were on a drama team together for a few years. Karen is theatrical and funny and loud and, well, flamboyant. When we run into each other she brings all these things out in me, and I like to think those are often the best qualities to bring out in a person. Anywhere we see each other we seem to gather an audience with our theatrics and banter. I’d like think we are embarrassed by it, but truly, we thrive on it.

We actually ran into each other at the airport in Las Vegas in January and ended up on the same plane flying back to Bellingham. As usual we had an audience in the airport as we bantered back and forth and one of the things Karen asked me that day was if I think she is flamboyant, since someone had recently referred to her as such and she wasn’t sure if that was good or bad.. Abbie and I laughed hysterically at her very sincere and serious question because, obviously, there is no question about it. I did, however assure her that it is good, regardless of the intent behind the statement.

Karen has since moved to Las Vegas with her husband and this week I received in the mail this gift: The most perfectly flamboyant gift for a newly 50 year old with the assurance that I too am flamboyant, even at my new old age!

I will wear it with pride.

Thank you Karen!


One thought on “Flamboyant

  1. yes I would say this describes the both of you to a tee! But then you know me I love me some flamboyant girlfriends!! I think everyone needs one in their life!

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