It’s a Small Small World

During a whirlwind unplanned trip to Vegas this weekend, I was walking down the strip to meet up with my friend Karen and saw this girl with a hoola hoop. She reminded me of the girl in these pictures that I took 4 years ago at Boulevard Park during one of their outdoor concerts.

The closer I got to the girl in Vegas, the more she reminded me of her.

Until she made eye contact with me.

Then I realized it WAS the girl from Boulevard Park! I said, “Are you from Bellingham?” She stopped her hoop and said, “Apparently it’s a small world, how do you know me?” I said, “I have pictures of you on my computer, from an evening at Boulevard.” We told each other our names and we hugged, and then I kept walking…

…after I snapped a picture with my phone.
It is a small small world.


2 thoughts on “It’s a Small Small World

  1. see, and I would have read her shirt and said – nahh, she’s obviously from texas! good for you for stopping – i bet it made her day!

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