Red and White

Rick and I were invited to a blind wine tasting party last night. Here’s how it worked.

The hostess set it up as a facebook event. When we RSVP’d we private messaged her which varietal we were bringing, one bottle per guest. She then sent a message to the event wall which wines were spoken for.

At the door was a basket with paper bags and rubber bands which we used to cover the wine we brought. Once all the guests arrived and the bottles were uncorked the tasting began.


The whites were at one end of the table and reds at the other end.

We were provided a score sheet where we made our notes and guessed which wine we were drinking

We were even provided a list of the wines we were tasting and their descriptions. For instance, Cabernet Sauvignon (my favorite)
“The primary grape used in Bordeaux and Meritage red wines. It provides elegance and structure. Flavors are of blackcurrants and cedar, but in other areas may include green peppers and mint.”

This was a blast! A great idea for get together.

My beautiful friend Bliss (thanks for inviting us Bliss!)

The hostess, Camille (super fun party Camille)

There was a prize for the most correct guesses and a prize for the least. The winner received a bottle of wine, appropriately, and the winner of the booby prize, even more appropriately, received a magazine about wines.

This was seriously a fun evening. One that Rick and I want to copy. Stay tuned for a Blind Wine Tasting Party in Sudden Valley coming soon!


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