At the last minute Abbie and I decided to go check out a wedding dress shop downtown. Although she has looked at dresses online and marked several on her Pinterest page, Abbie hadn’t tried anything on yet. We have a trip to Portland planned for later this month for just that, but I’ve braced myself for weeks and weeks of shopping. I’ve mentally prepared to practice patience while Abbie discards dress after dress in ladie’s dressing rooms.

Such a funny thing happened today though. The second dress she touched, the second dress she tried on, was instantly and magically “It”.

I’ve always thought I would tear up at that moment. I didn’t. I told Abbie later that I think it was just so unexpected, it was a little anti-climatic. The rest of the afternoon Abbie kept saying, “can you believe I got my wedding dress!?”

When Abbie and Joey started planning their wedding I told Abbie I wanted to make her a shawl for her wedding, for in between pictures, for at the reception when it’s chilly. Since we had her dress in the car, we went straight to Apple Yarns and got what I needed to start her shawl. I’m Making Seascape from knitty.com. But in this ivory brushed alpaca.
Soft and lovely, cozy, just the thing to keep my girl’s shoulders warm. And just the thing to keep my hands busy while I treasure up this next year in my heart.

P.S. Of course I also have pictures of Abbie in the beautiful gown on my phone as well, but only sisters, parents, and bride’s maids have seen those!


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