Dear Abbie

Dear Abbie,

Your wedding shawl is about 2 inches long. Only 61 more inches to go. Funny thing about knitting lace, it’s complicated and confusing. I can’t really engage in conversation while I work on it, I have to give it my full attention. Knit 3, yarn over, slip 2 stitches as if to knit, knit 1, slip the two slipped stitches over, yarn over, knit 3. Purl the next row. Do this over and over for 32 rows. Then comes the really complicated patterns that will create the wavey look of the ocean.

I’ve already made mistakes in the first 2 inches, in fact, I ripped the whole thing out last night after 5 rows and started over. There are a couple mistakes that I’ve been able to cover up, but a couple that I had to rip out sections again and redo. This could be a long project. I’m not complaining though. It will be worth it. Something pretty for you to use on your big day. Something of a family heirloom you can pass down to your daughter at her wedding maybe…


I guess it’s fitting. In the big scheme of things, you and Joey are only a couple inches into your life together, maybe only a couple centimeters! But already you’ve had to start over a couple times. You’ve made some blunders, hurt each other, worked backwards to heal it, practiced forgiveness.

Like your shawl, neither of you are perfect, your marriage won’t be perfect, either, but with care and attention to detail, willingness to work backwards, ripping back to where the mistake was made, with a commitment to integrity and humility, making times to concentrate only on each other, you could have a thing of beauty, a marriage that offers warmth and comfort, something to be passed down to your children,
…and to your children’s children.

6 thoughts on “Dear Abbie

  1. Oh Linda I do love this analogy….as always you have such a gift of putting your heart and soul into your words! love you guys and are ” saving the date” hoping to make a trip up to our oid hometown for the big day!

    1. Oh Tracey! This is such good news!! Abbie was hoping you and Bill could be here. It will be a special day already, but having you here will make it perfect!

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