Projects: Rick’s Smoker

Busy, busy, busy. We’ve been so busy around here. And so tired. It took all week to catch up on my lost sleep from Abbie and my girl’s weekend away, and on top of that, it was one of those weeks at work. You know the kind…the kind of week that can’t end soon enough?

So, now that it’s over, I’m not giving it another thought!

Instead I want to share pictures of a project Rick and Joey are working on. This is Rick’s dream. And he’s making it happen.

Rick acquired a 250 Gallon Propane Tank.   A couple weeks ago Joey cut doors into it:
2012-06-02 14.09.42

2012-06-02 14.10.10

Today the flatbars were welded onto the doors, and the cut edges were ground down.
2012-06-30 11.16.29

2012-06-30 11.17.04

2012-06-30 11.17.16

Joey moving the smoker in preparation for the sandblasting, inside and out:
2012-06-30 11.28.12

I have not actually laid eyes on this thing, I just see the pictures Rick takes with his phone and hear all about the progress. Let’s just say he’s pretty darn excited!


2 thoughts on “Projects: Rick’s Smoker

    1. The idea, Uncle, is to roast a whole pig for Abbie and Joey’s wedding. We’re hoping to do a trial run in the fall. Watch for a Big Stick Video!!

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