Another 4th of July

…and we are staying home once again to make sure our poor dogs don’t go too crazy. They hate fireworks. I don’t mind staying home here, it’s nice outside, we’ve had a very relaxing day and will BBQ burgers and watch a movie or two tonight. Someday the dogs will no longer be with us and we’ll go down to the bay and watch the fireworks display.

Last weekend Rick and I were at the bay, at Zuanich Park, right where the big Bellingham Bay Party is going on right now.
It was a gorgeous day, the kind that make you glad you live in the Northwest. (Right now with the raging heat and power outages back East, ANY day makes me glad I live here)

I noticed the red spot in the lavender…

and got a little closer.

This purple and red reminded me of something and had to think what it was. Then I remembered:

This photo from 2009 in the Tulip fields. That girl with the red purse kept getting in my way, and I finally gave up and made a picture with her in it. It turned out to be one of my favorites from that day!

I digress. Back to Independence day…

I do miss the hoopla and the crowds and the noise, I have fond memories of fireworks and parades as a kid, and memories of carrying our own kids back to the car after the fireworks display. I’ll read everyone else’s blogs tomorrow morning and see their pictures of fireworks; But for now, Rick and I are enjoying a lovely evening at home, in Sudden Valley, where fireworks are not allowed, and only a few stray cracks can be hear; home where it’s quiet and peaceful.


One thought on “Another 4th of July

  1. we stayed home and cuddled the dog as well. She used to be fine when she had Pickles but now she gets more upset. Watched the Seattle fireworks on tv and they were beautiful.

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