I’ve been in the Atkins family for over 29 years.

I know what RL, GM, ML, and MB mean.

You might see a stack of greeting cards on a table. They will have those letters on them. RL means Rick and Linda. I don’t think I need to explain the rest of the code.

MB is for Marty and Bridged.

What do I mean by that? Well, I’ll tell you.
July 11 is their anniversary, and this year is their 25th.

July 8, today, is the 21st birthday of their twins, Calvin and Katied.

July 10, in just a couple days, is Megan’s 23rd birthday. (Megan is the maid of honor in someone’s wedding coming up in May of 2013)

Next weekend we will be celebrating Marty and Bridged’s anniversary, and tonight, while their whole family is out “bar hopping” together for the twin’s 21st birthday, I thought I’d share these cute pictures we took yesterday:

Calvin looks remarkably like my own Caleb. Always has. Even as a baby. Happy 21st birthday Cal! You have grown into a fine young man and a joy to be around. And you know your Auntie doesn’t say that lightly!

Katie! Stop it! Just stop growing up! Yesterday sitting at the table discussing a difficult situation you face in Switzerland, (SWITZERLAND!!) I was struck by your maturity. At first I had this feeling like, ‘where did that come from? Katie sounds so…adult…?’…but, HELLO! You’ve traveled the world for 2 years with no Mama, no Papa, no Cal or Meg, ,just all Kate. Happy birthday you little grownup. Say what you want, but you’ll always just be my little Katie Olivia, attached to your Mama at the hip!

Meg, the past couple years have broadened my little family. You have become one of my own kids and family dinners mean calling 4 kids now. I love hanging out with you, especially when it’s you and Abbie, and I’m excited to see where the next year takes you! Love you Darlin’! Happy Birthday!

Happy Anniversary Marty and Bridged. 25 years.

You young things! Look what you made!


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