Roses Are Red

…and yellow. and pink. and yellow and pink.

I looked outside this morning at the sun shining through the trees after the rain had stopped, and the sparkles on my roses drew me outside for a closer look. And of course, I couldn’t help myself. I had to grab my camera.

It was breath taking.

These are long stemmed roses, so it was easy to take a couple from underneath, showing the drops on top.


I love every angle of a rose.


Drops as delicate as the rose petal.

Pure beauty.


2 thoughts on “Roses Are Red

  1. Love the pics Linda it makes me think about how different our climates are my brother in law is really into photography and love to shoot pics of roses but he CARRIES A WATER BOTTLE TO SPRAY THEM WITH BEFOR HE SHOOTS the PIC! Hahahahaha

    1. I’ve heard of a lot of people doing that Tracey. I think I would even do that too, if it didn’t rain 332 days a year here and I can find it naturally!

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