1. I’m such a nerd. I wore a cute brown skirt to work today with cowboy boots, and a cute white tee that was freshly laundered. This evening I sat outside on the deck before dinner and glanced down and a smudge of something caught my eye: a bbq sauce stain from the last time I wore this shirt. How I missed this and didn’t notice it once today is beyond me. Even with changing into workout clothes and back at lunch. I will say, I must work with very polite people because no one pointed it out or asked what happened.

2. I’m reading a book called Divergent. It’s like Hunger Games, but more disturbing. I read this quote on the bus on the way home, “Politeness is deception in pretty packaging” and was struck, and I thought of it later when I noticed the bbq sauce stain on my white shirt.

3. I struggle with my weight. A lot. And I can’t believe I’m saying this here, in front of God and everyone, but about a month ago when Rick and I joined a new gym and I had a fitness test, I weighed more than I did when Josh and Abbie were born. I was at my heaviest weight in my adult life except when I was pregnant with Caleb. And it wasn’t because muscle weighs more than fat. Believe me, I was almost out of clothes that fit me.

4. I’m working out like a maniac. I wish I could be content with extra padding around my middle, but I just can’t give in to it yet. When I’m eighty I’ll give in and let myself go. But, until then, you’ll find me at the gym during the lunch hour 5 days a week, and two hours on Saturdays.

5. Now that you know I’m a flabby, nerdy sloth with bbq on my shirt, I will try to distract you from my confessions of all my flaws (not all, there’s more) with pretty pictures of flowers I took at my in-law’s house a few weeks ago.








There.  See?  Aren’t we all feeling much better now?


5 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. Yes Linda, I am feeling better, and I thank you for wonderful insights and beautiful pictures. I will say that I struggles with the stuff around the middle, and I think great-grandma earns me some slack. Just wish I could really believe that in my heart of hearts, and stop the struggle.

  2. Oh my gosh you make me laugh!!! What you “confessed” to is exactly what the rest of go through too 🙂 I love reading your posts….I’m smiling as I picture your pretty face laughing xoxo

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