A couple weeks before I wrote This post and talked about my struggle with weight, I had sent an email to my friend Heather. She is my friend, former boss, health and fitness guru, and life mentor. I told her about my weight, about joining the athletic club, about the wake up call…among other physical things that were bugging me. She immediately gave me her “Doctor” advice, and then texted and asked me to keep her up to date on the LIP.

Heather and I have had several codes over the years. When I worked for her she would sometimes come into the hall and contort her body into some odd shape and then say the shape, “the letter E!”, “the letter R!”, and so forth. I would throw a yoga position back at her after her next patient and exclaim, “the letter L!”

(I didn’t take this photo, thank you google image)

In fact, sometimes, even now, 10 years after we worked together, Heather will write on my facebook wall, or text me, “Letter P” or “Letter F” and it is simply a term of endearment, a reminder of many years of friendship and girls having secrets that make them laugh.

We had a game we played with new patients, “what actor/actress does room 3 look like?” We still play that game when we are out and about together…

So, when Heather asked me to keep her posted on the LIP I had to think, scratch my head, reach back in my memory and try to remember…finally I wrote back, “LIP?”

She answered, “Linda Improvement Plan!”

Ahhh, a new acronym.

Fast forward to today. I saw my Naturepath (which my spellcheck warns me is incorrect no matter how I spell it) and updated him on all of the above. I told him that on Friday I would weigh myself again, 4 weeks after my ‘wake up call, pregnancy weight’, and he calmly asked if I had prepared myself to be even heavier on Friday.


And then he reminded me that with all the resistance training I’m doing, all the muscle I’m adding, I will AT LEAST be the same weight, but probably heavier for AT LEAST a couple months.

I know this.

But I’d forgotten. So, I’m glad I had this appointment and can mentally prepare for it on Friday when I get on the scale and haven’t lost 5 pounds. Or even 2 pounds.

Because, the LIP isn’t just a short term goal, not even just a weight loss phase in prep for Abbie’s wedding in the spring,

it’s a new way of seeing myself,

a new way of living,

so 4 weeks, in the big scheme of things is nothing,

and the number on the scale isn’t what matters.

And if you believe that I’d like to sell you a very flat, sunny lot with an ocean view in Sudden Valley.

Hahhahah…Just kidding about that ocean view in Sudden Valley!


2 thoughts on “LIP

  1. Lin, I had my wake up call about Christmas. So, Kevin started cooking and I started working out. I weighed myself, but I didn’t measure myself (big mistake!). I am very excited to announce that I’ve lost 15 pounds, but I’m disappointed that it’s ONLY 15 pounds. I have been stuck on this weight for 3 months now, but I have realized that even staying at the same weight, I’m still improving. Good luck to you…you know it’s not easy, but it is soooo worth it!

    And…why a gym??? What happened to Tony?

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