Pain is Pain

What a day.

an urgent call at work, a family member, in hospital, health issues, could be serious, wait until tomorrow, we will know more…

The bus ride home, one of my dearest friends apologizes for not getting back to me; had to put her cat (of 10, 12? years) down and went home to crawl in bed and cry some more.

It all feels intertwined.

Don’t get me wrong,

I know the difference. I have pets. And I gave birth. I know a human is not a cat, and I don’t compare those two. They are not equal.

It’s the human’s heart in pain, that feels similar to the other human, the family member…

Pain is pain.

No matter where it comes from.

I pray.


2 thoughts on “Pain is Pain

  1. I’m so sorry! Hope everything turns out ok. I can relate to the loss of those cherished pets – last time I cried for months. And those medical scares – the fear of the waiting and not knowing. I’ll be thinking of you.

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