The Fair: A Preview

Last night we went to the fair. I love the fair. LOVE it! I love the crowds, the noise, the smell of the food and the animals; I love the booths and the lights of the rides. I love the musicians playing on the small stage and the big stage. I love it all!

I’ll share more this weekend, but for tonight, (since I just realized I haven’t blogged since Sunday, and I think that’s a record for me) here are a couple previews of our evening:
Evie completely engrossed in watching the Clydesdales

and telling all about it!

The cows were intimidating, but this brand new calf, born at the fair, was just Nora’s size.

More to come!


One thought on “The Fair: A Preview

  1. It’s impossible to not talk about the Clydesdales! When I was in 4H and had my horse at the fair, late at night after it closed down, they would let you ride the Clydesdales. It was so much fun!

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