Second Hand Lions

Rick and Cheryl and I are in Lapine, Oregon this weekend. We are helping Dad get ready for his annual End of Summer Party.

Uncle Jack is here too, and he’s been busy helping Dad put up outdoor lighting for the party, adjusting them so that we can see the band, but the band won’t be blinded…

The last light to go up was a streetlight (no idea where Dad finds these things) they put up a tree.
They conferred on the best way to get the light up the tree.

And planned their route.

And decided Dad would be the one to climb the ladder.

Suddenly it looked like a scene out of Second Hand Lions.

But I can’t decide which one is Robert Duvall and which is Michael Caine.


And then, once it was attached to the tree, they celebrated!

Yesterday was Jack’s birthday, and having noticed mint in Dad’s yard, and rum in his cupboard, we bought limes and club soda, and I served them their first mojitos.

A short time later I served them their second.

Happy Birthday Uncle!


5 thoughts on “Second Hand Lions

  1. I am sorry I had to miss the event. I would have loved to see you all again I hope you post many more pictures, I really miss all of you. Jean

  2. what a great set of pictures. The ladder thing freaked me out a bit, but that is just me and my height phobia. Or maybe it is really a falling phobia. Because those of us that do not like heights, it really isn’t about the height it is about the possibility of falling 😉

    1. That is the best description of the fear of hights I’ve ever heard, Bliss! So true. I have a mild case, not depilitating. 🙂

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