Pastors: Who Have You Danced With Today?

This post might embarrass someone named Peter, so I won’t name him.

Peter came into our lives four years ago. When Mom went on hospice (the first time) Peter came by to visit Mom and Dad as the Hospice Chaplain. It seems like a lifetime ago, because I can’t imagine Mom and Dad’s lives without him now. (or the rest of ours, as a consequence) Because of his authentic and heartfelt love and care for them, it didn’t take long for Mom and Dad to start attending his Lutheran church, for Dad to take his Catechism classes and for them to become members. Peter’s care for Mom and Dad didn’t end there, with their membership in his church.


Over the past four years Peter has met Dad for lunch, met Dad for beers, visited them both at home, come to their parties at the end of the summers…He has come to chat when my sis and I are in town, sat with Dad when he was in hospital with no answers and no certainty he would come home; he helped us move Mom to Prairie House in March, carrying furniture and boxes, hugging Mom between trips to the truck and her new room, and giving Cher and I nods and affirmations that Mom would be ok.

Last night toward the end of the annual End of Summer Party, Peter demonstrated yet another example of love in action, of ministry in motion.

In the midst of almost everyone present dancing to the band, (Dad was dancing with me until I spotted them and had to break away and grab my camera) Peter pull Mom up from her chair and gently moved to her pace, her rhythm, and sweetly and tenderly loved on her the way Jesus loves on all of us.

I don’t know what he was saying to her. It was between them. But I do know that Mom felt loved and special and important.

And this simple act of love, a simple little dance, barely even moving on the dance floor, though not played out for an audience, was a life changing event for anyone who saw it.

Because anyone who was there knew they were seeing Jesus.

He was dancing with my Mom.

9 thoughts on “Pastors: Who Have You Danced With Today?

  1. Linda….your story brought tears to my eyes. Your parents pastor is a very special man, the type of pastor we all hope to have in our life. One who will pray with and for us, one who will be there to hold us up when we can not take another step, one who will laugh and cry with us.

    The photos along with your words brings it to life for all of us, thank you.

    1. Thank you Lynn. I agree, and I also think it’s an example and admonition for all of us to be Jesus to each other.

      (Hope you’re having a blast with your hubby in paradise!)

  2. Big gulp, now wipe the tears from my eyes so I can see to type….best blog post I have EVER read Linda and you know I’ve read some good ones…this should be a mandatory read for anyone even thinking of going into ministry…I love this guy and can’t wait to meet him in heaven someday!

  3. Linda, I can’t express my feelings good enough. That was beautiful, I have been to church with Ron and Donna and first met Peter as their house and and yes we are all very fortunate to know him and he does give great hugs!!

    1. I forgot to say, I too got all choked up when I read your blog.. Wish I could have been there to see you all, I miss your family, and other friends out there too.

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