All’s Well that Ends Well

For a Friday night, this one was not starting out very well.

I had a good hour and a half workout planned after work, and just enough time before catching the last bus back to Sudden Valley. In the dressing room, I pulled off my work clothes, put on my workout gear, jog bra, tank, reached in my bag for my black yoga pants and …pulled out a long sleeved black tee. Back on with my street clothes, back on with my boots.

Rick decided to come pick me up instead of me riding the bus. The car broke down on the way to town. He managed to get it home and got the other car to come pick me up.

An hour later, when I got in the car we decided to deviate from our eating plan and get a pizza. To Go. 45 minutes later we asked if our To Go order was coming out soon.

10 minutes later when we got in the car, Rick opened to box to look at our pizza. They left off the olives.

10 minutes later we were on our way home.

And now, 3 hours after I left my office, pizza eaten, movie going on, comfy in my pajamas, I’m happy to say, nothing about tonight will really matter 10 years from now, or 10 days from now, for that matter.

Oh, and last night I was looking through pictures on my external hard drive and found folders of photos that I took a few years ago and have never done anything with. A nice project for our long days of dark rain this winter. Here are a couple:






(notice the little out of focus spider on the left?)




So, all’s well that ends well.


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